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We certify under: AIDA PADI

Located on the west side of Mardu Bay, 15 km from Kudat and 20 km from the Tip of borneo, right in the middle of a primary forest and facing the ocean, the North Borneo Biostation Resort has been conceived in a way to favour relaxation and tranquillity. The freediving school located in the NBB resort offer AIDA and PADI freediving courses from beginner level up to advanced level, in a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Our freediver instructor, Giovanni d’Erasmo, has over 20 years freediving experience and is endowed with an extreme calm, patient and enthusiastic personality, which makes freediving easy also to absolute beginners and anxious people. Experienced freedivers however can enjoy either training or coached freediving sessions in a extremely cheerful atmosphere, with the possibility of exploring the astonishing reefs of Kalapunian Island ando of the Banggi Archipelago.